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Press Kit

Guitarist Harrison Birch and banjo player Chuck Oakton met each other in early 2001 when, during the talent portion of the Mr. Universe pageant, both contestants played the same song. The song was Bill Monroe's 'Real Life Blues' and, embarrassing a moment though it was, an instant friendship was formed. They began playing as a duo.  Then in the summer of 2002 Peter Briarwood, with whom Oakton had worked in the adult film 'Shotgun Charlie,' began sitting in on mandolin.   The sheer amount of picking was really getting on everyone's nerves and the search began for a 'long note' instrument.  One afternoon outside of the 711 on Howard St., Chuck Oakton found fiddle player, Allen Ellwood, digging through garbage for his next meal.   Despite his foul stench and rancid attitude, Chuck knew he'd found the lead instrument the band was missing. Finally, in May 2003, bass fiddler Bradley Longwood blackmailed his way into the band and Sexfist was born. They have since taken Chicago by storm, amazing audiences with their high-energy, hard-driving picking and angelic harmony singing. Sexfist has won numerous awards and accolades including Third All-Time Highest Score on the Golden Tee game at the Oasis in Rogers Park, a citation in June 2005 by Officer Reginald A. White for disorderly conduct, and a 2007 Franky nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The band is not currently touring in support of its self-titled debut CD as they are not legally allowed to operate motor vehicles. You can however see the Fist live and in person every Tuesday night at The Abbey Pub, 3420 West Grace Street, Chicago, IL.

Harrison Birch: Guitar

Allen Elwood: Fiddle

Bradley Longwood: Bass

Peter Briarwood: Mandolin

Chuck Oakton: Banjo

Currently no known photos exist of Sexfist. While they are known to have faces only a mother could love, management has requested no photos be taken. You do NOT want to know what these guys look like - roll the dice, take your chances.

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CD Reviews

"...this is a solid piece of contemperary bluegrass..."
-- Stewart Mason,
All Music Guide

"Do yourself a favor and buy this album, it is sure to be a classic."
-- iTunes,
Average Rating: Five Stars

Performance Reviews

Check out the InmanStories short on Rogers Park, featuring yours truly.

". . .Sexfist sure plays as if it's on the verge of being the next big thing. . ."
--Centerstage Chicago

"This bluegrass band has the right formula: heavenly harmonies on top of furious fingerpicking, trucking down the highway at 200mph. When you're dealing with a force of nature this big, you either get on the truck or get the hell out of the way."
--Time Out Chicago

"Sexfist takes . . . roots music and makes it their own, giving their audience more than just a show . . . ."
--Big Monkey Press

"These guys write some good songs, and they rock . . . ."
--Chi Town Daily News

"While keeping inside the lines of tradition, Sexfist creativity still sparkles."
--Appleton Post-Cresent

Sexfist Contact Information

Jon Goldfine
773 793 6261